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Tuesday, October 18 2011
Back to School Vision Tips! Top Things to Know About Kids' Vision Screens

1. Vision Screening Should Start Early - Before Pre-School!
It's a good idea to schedule a first optometric exam for infants, usually around 6 months of age. Babies of about 3 months' age should be able to focus and follow an object with his or her eyes, and by 6 months, color, pattern, and depth perception is about as developed as that of an adult. Testing these acuities is very important, especially if your child has a history of prematurity, received oxygen at birth (or anytime there after), blinks or rubs eyes frequently (excluding when sleepy), fails to follow objects with eyes, or seems to have delayed motor development. Vision correction may be required.
At the very least, by the time a child is 3 years old, and again before kindergarten, are critical times for vision screens.

2. As Many as 10% of Infants & Toddlers Require Vision Correction, and About 25% of School-Age Kids Need Glasses
Hard as it may be to believe, A LOT of kids need glasses by kindergarten - this is the reason the first in-school vision screens usually begin with 5 and 6 year olds. Mom & Dad should take charge of their child's health by having his or her eyes examined, and certainly, if they fail their exam, follow-up with a check-up. It might be time for glasses!
*Source: American Optometric Assoc.

3. Inattentiveness May Equal Poor Vision
As much as 80% of classroom learning comes comes from visual observation and comprehension. Imagine how much more difficult it would be to learn if that were impaired? An estimated 25% of High School Students fail a vision screen for even 20/40 vision - that sort of impairment makes driving illegal in most states! Case in point - prepare your kids for school in the right way by getting their eyes examined and purchasing quality corrective eyewear from a trusted professional. Giving them all the tools, starting with good optical health, will help them succeed!
*Sources: American Optometric Assoc., Moorpark Optometric Eyecare

Dr's, parents, students with glasses - we'd like your opinion! What are some of the other things you think are most important to keep in mind about vision screens and checking childrens' vision early?
Send us a comment or suggestion to kick off the forum discussion on this topic!

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