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Tuesday, October 18 2011

Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Glasses from a Vision Outlet Chain: Top 3 Reasons

Have you ever heard the adage "you get what you pay for?"
It usually holds true in most every avenue of life, and is certainly no exception when it comes time for your eye exam and vision care needs.

If you're in the market for eyewear, think twice before heading to chain retail stores like Costco, Target, Sears or Walmart or major optical outlets including LensCrafters, Optical Outlets and PearleVision.


1. Cheap Materials on Eyewear
Optical outlets may feature lower-cost eyeglass frames or "buy-one-get-one" promos for good reason. The chain's unit cost per frame tends to be very low due to cheap materials, mass-manufactured for low cost. Style secondary to function, your child's cute chunky plastic frame won't stand a chance on the playground. So that's why you're getting a second pair, free of charge!

The same can be extended to its stock lenses - often more easily scratched, broken, and with less strength to qualify for their low-cost promotions.

Your vision is nothing to be neglected, as its proper correction is required for critical daily functions. From seeing images to process thought to driving, reading, working - your healthy vision is not negotiable, and shouldn't be left in doubt with questionable-quality eyewear.

Warranties - Or lack thereof!

2. Chances are, little if any warranty will be given on your eyewear when purchased from these establishments.
Your better bet? Visit your local eye care professional to ask about the durability and manufacturer's warranty on each frame sold. Not only will you notice a difference in the assortment of quality eyewear, but most practices will be glad to share all warranty details per frame collection, or point you in the direction of your insurance provider to let you know your eligibility for replacements, should the need arise.

Family Physician is to Family Optometrist as Health Clinic is to Optical Outlet
3. Many people prefer to have a family doctor over visiting local health clinics - why not? It's nice to have a person and place to turn to, keeping a record of your health ailments and concerns over time, getting to know you on a personal level. That's not to say that health clinics cannot provide a quality of care, especially in a pinch, but the level of personalization, service, and understanding tends not to be there. You might feel the same way about your Big Box Optical Outlets, as well. What if good old Dr. Jones opened up a little primary care practice in Wally World- would you trust a family physician that serves in your local Walmart? Would you feel strange about it? What about your eyesight? Why treat it any differently?

Think carefully and let us know your thoughts. We'd like to know your opinion!

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