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Tuesday, February 17 2015

Have you seen someone with a pair of glasses that seemed to perfectly fit their face?

Have you wanted to create the same effect on your face but never really found the right frames to make it happen?

It’s likely that you haven’t found your perfect fit, because you are shopping for the wrong frame shape.

When it comes to glasses and sunglasses, most of us pick out a frame shape because we like the way it looks on the rack or on another person.

But that is the worst way to select a style.

The only way you are going to find the perfect frame is by first finding the frame style that matches your face shape.

To figure out what frames best fits your face, start by identifying the shape of your face. 

It may sound silly but to help you identify your face shape, you can take a piece of paper and trace an outline of your face. Then use the following guide to help you identify the shape based off indicators of your forehead, cheeks/cheekbones, and chin.

Once you determine the shape of your face, try frames that fit and avoid the ones that don’t.

Round Face


  • Forehead: Wide
  • Cheeks: Full
  • Chin: Rounded


  • Try: square, aviator, wayfarer, rectangle, cat-eye, wrap/shield  
  • Avoid: round, oversized

Heart Shaped-Face


  • Forehead: Wide
  • Cheekbone: High
  • Chin: Pointed or Narrow


  • Try: square, aviator, wayfarer, rectangle, round, oval
  • Avoid: embellished, top-heavy, wide top

Square Face


  • Forehead: Wide
  • Cheeks: Broad
  • Jawline: Boxy


  • Try: cat-eye, square, aviator, wrap/shield, wayfarer, rectangle
  • Avoid: boxy frames, oval, heavy brow

Oval Face


  • Forehead: Narrow
  • Cheekbones: High
  • Chin: Narrow


  • Try: wayfarer, aviator, rectangle, round, square, cat-eye
  • Avoid: oversized

Save yourself time when shopping for your next pair of frames by identifying the frames style that matches your face shape and your aesthetic before you start trying on glasses. 

Shopping for Frames?

If you are shopping for new pair of glasses or sunglasses, don’t forget that some of your favorite designer brands also make frames. 

At Infinity Eye Care Center, we carry frames by some of the biggest brand names in fashion. From Jimmy Choo and Vera Wang to Tommy Hilfiger and Banana Republic, we have an inventory filled with all of the leading fashion icons. 

We recently added a new line of frames by:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Nike
  • Flexon
  • Tommy Bahama
  • Anne Klein

VSP patients can save $20 on select frames by these brands so stop by our store and be sure to ask our Frame Stylist, Debra about what special offers and discounts you qualify for.

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